Keep your helpdesk connected

Seamlessly integrate your helpdesk with over a thousand bespoke apps and integrations, increasing efficiency across your whole organization.

Benefit from a library of 1000+ bespoke apps and integrations.

Extend the helpdesk with simple widgets or write custom apps.

Spend less time on account administration with Single Sign On.

Easily retrieve, create and update helpdesk data.

Apps & Widgets

Seamless helpdesk integration

Arm agents with time-saving tools, apps and widgets that completely transform the way they work

Bring your own apps

Easily code your own widgets and apps using simple Javascript and HTML.

Far-reaching Triggers

Create automatic triggers which respond to events within your helpdesk with webhook actions.


Retrieve, create and update helpdesk data, whether it's automating a task or integrating with existing systems.

Browse our library of apps

Single Sign On

Sleek and secure authentication

You call the shots

Offer agents and customers different ways to identify themselves, or define a single standard. Accept multiple authentication sources and set different login methods.

Whatever works for you

Deskpro supports login through industry standards like Active Directory, LDAP and SAML - as well as other social accounts or platforms.

True single sign-on

Customers or agents who are already logged in to an external account can be signed in to the helpdesk automatically and transparently.

Zapier Integration

Let our automation tools do the heavy lifting for you