Provide personal support on a global scale

Multi-brand, multi-channel and multi-lingual support. All from a single, scalable helpdesk.

An international client base needs a helpdesk that speaks their language

Having an organization with clients or subsidiaries all over the globe is complicated enough, Deskpro wants to make your customer support as simple as possible.

A single, intuitive helpdesk system makes resolving customer issues simple and painless.


Your multi-lingual helpdesk breaks down language barriers

Deskpro's software allows you to implement over 25 languages dynamically across your helpdesk.

Our language packs can be applied across the agent and customer interface to enable live cross-linguistic communication during agent-customer interactions

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Language packs

Crowdsourcing contributions mean our language packs are constantly evolving and growing.

Translate key phrases

Technical phrases can be individually translated within your helpdesk so they are consistent across your Help Center.

One central helpdesk

Multi-lingual capabilities enable you to act from one helpdesk that dynamically changes your interface as needed.

Machine Translation

Intelligent translation tools simplify multi-lingual support

Microsoft machine translation uses AI, that has learnt from statistical and linguistic information, to provide highly intelligent, and near fluent, translations.

Translations are able to applied to both the agent and user interfaces, enabling the entire helpdesk and Help Center to be localized to each individual - making your support more accessible.

Help center

Localize your help center

Knowledgebase articles, guides, news posts and more can be localized to the customer's location through intelligent IP address filtering. Ensure your customers find the right agents by auto-assigning and routing live chat and calls to agents in their time zone.

Customers can also translate your Help Center to access all your content in their native language.


Your international knowledgebase

Offer translations of your Knowledgebase articles which automatically match your customer's Help Center language preferences.

So your international customers can still benefit from easily accessing your self-service Help Center.

Dynamic forms

Intelligent forms are directly translated

Your dynamic forms can intelligently match the language your customers view the Help Center in based on your installed language packs.

So customers can easily submit tickets or support requests, no matter what language they view your Help Center in.

Language capabilities

Provide truly international support

Deskpro lets customers browse your helpdesk and receive notification emails in their own language. We support over 25 languages, allowing you to provide multi-lingual support to your customers, wherever they are.

Ticket translation

Whatever language customers contact you in, your agents can use one-click translation to understand their support requirements and group tickets by language.

International snippets

Providing efficient and effective support with snippets doesn't have to be restricted by languages; Deskpro allows you to translate snippets so customers can receive the best answer in their own language.

Intelligent software

Predictive software gets your customers to the right place

Deskpro's intelligent software automations keep your Help Center running smoothly so you can resolve customer issues efficiently.

IP address filtering

Help Center content will be localized based on the geographic location of the customer.

Time zones

Local and international agents can work together in harmony with settings that automatically allocate tickets according agents' business hours.

International Teams

Super smart international support system

Collaborate on support across the globe with a helpdesk that allows agents to set their own timezone settings.

You can connect local numbers to your helpdesk, to ensure calls are routed to the correct team to offer localized support or based on your business hours across timezones.

As we started growing rapidly, I needed to get full control of our data. That meant looking for an on-premise helpdesk. Deskpro by far excelled over the other helpdesks we looked at.

Anthony Carter
Head of IT