Task management made simple

Resolve customer service issues more efficiently with a trackable checklist of outstanding tasks.

Increase accountability and personal responsibility across your team.

Integrated task software

Resolve tickets effectively and efficiently

Follow the complete life cycle of customer support tickets by connecting open queries in your helpdesk to tasks.

Track your to-dos from start to finish with a seamlessly linked task management system - ensure you and your team are aware and held accountable for actions required to resolve your tickets.

Task assignment

Boost the quality of your support by increasing accountability

Assign and delegate tasks to members of your organization or department to make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for.

Just like tickets, tasks are owned so your agents have personal responsibility for completing tasks and resolving tickets.


Ensure the right people can see the tasks they need

By default, tasks are public but they can be made visible to specific departments or created as a private task for individual agents.

Converse in the comments of tasks to discuss and elaborate on any actions that are required.

Efficient and effective

Set deadlines for task completion to boost efficiency

You are able to set deadlines for your own or delegated tasks to ensure they're completed to satisfy a due date.

Having deadlines can improve your ticket resolution times and help boost customer satisfaction.


Simplify onboarding by assigning new employees tasks

The tasks feature can be used as an internal onboarding tool for new employees.

Set tasks for them to complete as they get to grips with the helpdesk.