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Give your company an internal ticketing helpdesk system that delivers first-rate support and improves employee happiness.

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Upgrade internal communications with enhanced employee collaboration tools.

Offer employees a library of resources to self-manage issues available 24/7.

Integrate your current infrastructure with Deskpro for a seamless workflow.

Provide safe communication with full control over data access and storage.

Intelligent Internal Support Software

Stay on top of every internal request

With Deskpro, keeping internal service requests organized is simple whichever channel employees contact you from.


Every employee conversation is owned, transparent and resolvable.


Support your employees needs on a platform they trust.


Connect with employees to resolve issues in real-time on live chat.


Dynamic forms capture the relevant information your agents need.


Bring 21st century support experience to your phone channel.

Capture information with custom forms

Gather precise information about an issue with one form that changes dynamically based on responses and route it straight to the relevant agents.

Custom fields

Combine custom fields with built-in fields to create bespoke forms for every use case.

Departmental forms

Link forms to departments to capture relevant data and auto-route tickets to the right agents.

Dictate data format

Define the formats data is received in; radio buttons, multi-selection, text boxes, date and more.

Embeddable forms

Embed forms into webpages, on Help Center and add it to live chat; make collecting information easy.

Global teams rely on Deskpro as their internal ticketing system

Nick Martunas

We direct staff to the Help Center instead of sending us an email because there are specific questions they have to answer and this way we can drive responses.

Nick Martunas

IT Manager

Colin Jones

We can set it so that if something has a deadline, we will be alerted nearer to the due date. It is stuff like that really helps HR a lot.

Colin Jones

IT Specialist

Brad Craley

Deskpro makes it easier to track everything, and open ticket emails aren't getting lost like they were in the past.

Brad Craley

Senior Systems Admin

How can you use Deskpro?

Deskpro enables different teams across the globe to provide exceptional internal ticketing support.

Improve communication with collaborative features

Deskpro enables your agents to remotely collaborate with ease; numerous internal helpdesk software features are designed to reduce blockers and ensure your agents can work efficiently.


In-built task management system equips your HR department with a fully functioning training tool; new employees can be assigned tasks as they get to grips with their role.


Keep requests moving forward to reduce administrative bottlenecks. Stop approvals getting lost in the system, guarantee the right people see what they need to approve and by when.

Problems & Incidents

Company-wide issues can produce a flood of incoming tickets, if a coffee machine is broken, or employees can't login to a system. An employee ticketing system can help link each ticket to a problem; identify wide-spread issues and prioritize what needs to be fixed.

Supercharge your internal ticketing system

By giving your agents dynamic automation tools, it helps them increase the efficiency, quality and consistency of your support.

Productivity tools increase agent efficacy

Save agents hours of time by eliminating repetitive and routine tasks. Helpdesk tools in Deskpro bolster the quality of your support and help you exceed customer expectations.

Great support is all about teamwork

Provide you agents with the tools they needs to collaborate on support issues with ease. Your employees can team up to resolve tickets effectively and efficiently with an open and collaborative internal ticketing system and helpdesk.

Agent Instant Messaging

Agents can have discussions via group chat or one on one in real-time through Deskpro, reducing the need for third party messaging tools.

Internal Notes

Use @mentions to ask for help, discuss, and make support decisions all within a single ticket protected from customer view.

Help Center

Convenient self-service support

Publish your support content onto one comprehensive, unified platform; simultaneously reducing the workload placed on internal agents whilst enabling employees to conveniently find answers 24/7.

Help Center

Host your support documentation on your Help Center platform, available to your staff 24/7. Configure your content, customize design and permissions access to make it work for your organization.


Provide a step-by-step walkthrough for your employees with structured support guides so they can self-serve information about new processes or services.


Provide your employees with in-depth information and answers to FAQs all in one place to ensure anyone searching for answers can find them quickly.


Keep employees up to date with the latest goings on in your company by creating news posts, which can be subscribed to for notifications.


Crowdsource ideas from your employees and agents transparently; allow employees to see, comment and vote on topics most important to them.


Centralize the secure sharing and hosting of files. Host your essential files so they are available to your employees and agents to download 24/7.

Know how helpful your content is

Understand what content your employees actually find useful and what needs improving.

Ensure content reaches the right audience

Control access to each level of your Help Center; from entire branded Help Centers, to specific published content, determine exactly what is available for who.


Internal support software can be used and accessed across segmented departments, offices or subsidiaries through different end-user facing Help Centers, each with unique content, all linked and managed through one helpdesk.

Localized Content

Create unique end-user facing Help Centers to reflect different geographic regions through languages, different time zones, even different agent teams to manage each region.

Help Center Permissions

Unique content permissions determine what employees can view on the Help Center. Create internal knowledgebase processes such as employee training guides or FAQ articles for HR questions.

Finding the right answers is easy

Create an article once, that solves an issue for hundreds of employees in the future. Help your employees quickly search for solutions without needing to raise a ticket.

Ticket Deflection

Reduce pressure on your internal support team by automatically suggesting relevant articles to employees when they go to submit a ticket.

Instant Search

Give employees instant answers with powerful search across the whole Help Center, intelligent search suggests relevant content as they're typing.


Integrate Deskpro with your current tech stack

Deskpro internal support software integrates with popular apps and tools that thousands of internal support teams use on a daily basis.

Add essential apps into your workflow

We have a bespoke app library to allow your current IT infrastructure to integrate with your internal ticketing system and helpdesk.

Add Your Apps

Integrate the apps your team already uses into your helpdesk.

Powerful Full REST API

Build custom automations with our powerful API.

Built-in Apps

Benefit from Deskpro's app library with 1000+ integrations.

Easy App Framework

Easily code your own apps using simple Javascript and HTML.

Know your employee data is secure













Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus

California Consumer Privacy Act

California Consumer Privacy Act

Choose where your data is stored

Cloud Internal Support Software

We run your cloud helpdesk from secure AWS data centers, choose where your data is stored in one of our primary data centers in the US, EU or UK. Enterprise customers can choose from any of the 16 AWS data center locations around the world.

On-Premise Internal Support Software

Run our PHP-powered helpdesk on your choice of infrastructure, by deploying On-Premise you have complete control over data access and storage.

Enable secure login with authentication sources

With over 20+ supported authentication sources, like Active Directory, LDAP, SAML and social accounts, you can simplify login processes for all your employees and maintain a secure internal support software environment.

Single Sign On

Industry standard SSO streamlines logins for employees when they're signed into external accounts.

Password Settings

Define password policies for your employees; set minimum lengths, forbid password reuse and more.

Internal support software for creating first-class content

Deliver the best employee experience by improving the quality of your content. Highlight what's relevant and ensure your Help Center is equipped for self-service.


Control who can access what content on your Help Center.

Search Words

Ensure important content is always included in the top of search results.

Related Content

Increase content discoverability so employees find relevant answers first.


Attach files to messages using simple drag and drop.


Create a structured knowledgebase with unlimited sub-category nesting.


Allow employees to subscribe and be notified via email of changes and updates.

Custom Fields

Define custom fields and flexibly add additional information to content.


Display definitions of terms used across other content to reduce confusion.

How else can Deskpro help your organization?

for Support

Improve your personal relationships and keep your customers happy by providing faster & better quality support.

for Publishing

Help your customers to help themselves with a 24/7 self-service help center and knowledgebase. Collaborate on articles and reduce tickets by providing answers to FAQs.

for Sales & CRM

Pursue your prospects across every outreach channel and build workflows to close more sales, faster.